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System Config > AAA (authentication)
Configure AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) settings; accounting options are not supported at this time. RADIUS and/or TACACS+ authentication must be configured before these options can be specified with this command.
Authentication Method List
Set the list of acceptable authentication methods for system logins. The order in which the methods are specified is the order in which they are attempted. See Figure 38.
Click Apply to complete operation; Cancel to revert to existing configuration. Click Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Figure 38 System Config > AAA Page Detail (Authentication Method List)
Set authorization options. See Figure 39.
Map Order— Determine how the remote user mapping behaves when authenticating users via RADIUS or TACACS+. If the authenticated user name is valid locally, no mapping is performed. Options:
remote-first— If a local-user mapping attribute is returned and is a valid local user name, map the authenticated user to the local user specified in the attribute. Otherwise, if the attribute is not present or not valid locally, use the user specified as the default-user.
remote-only — Only try to map a remote authenticated user if the authentication server sends a local-user mapping attribute; otherwise, no further mapping is tried.
local-only — All remote users are mapped to the user specified by Map Default User. Any vendor attributes received by an authentication server are ignored.
Map Default User—Specify what local account a non-local user authenticated via RADIUS or TACACS+ is logged on as; you must select a local and enabled user. This mapping is used depending on the setting of Map Order.
Figure 39 System Config > AAA Page Detail (Authorization)

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