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About Log Rotation
All Media Flow Controller service logs offer log rotation options. It is important to remember that log rotation parameters are checked only when activity is written to the log. If no activity, or very widely spaced activity, is being written to the log, the rotation setting may appear to not be honored. For example, if cachelog on-the-hour enable is set, and data is written to the cachelog at 1pm and no data is written to it again until 6:30pm, the rotation happens as soon as data is written to it, in this case 6:30pm; if logging continues, rotation happens again at 7pm and so on.
Note! Log on-the-hour enable and rotate time-interval 1 both set log rotation to every hour; the on-the-hour setting takes precedence, if you set both. You cannot set time-interval to less than 1 (hour). Additionally, if you set on-the-hour enable and filesize-MB, the filesize-MB setting takes precedence; should this happen between hours, the log is also rotated on the hour (if active).

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