Media Flow Controller Logs : Trace Log (tracelog)

Trace Log (tracelog)
Media Flow Controller includes a delivery trace facility to help diagnose the handling of a particular HTTP request. See tracelog for CLI details.
copy <SCP>
filename <name>
on-the-hour {disable | enable}
rotate {filesize-MB <integer> | time-interval <integer>}
syslog replicate {disable | enable}
The tracing is done by logging trace points of internal steps (e.g. namespace lookup, cache lookup, etc.). A request is traced if the following conditions are true:
delivery protocol http trace enable
The HTTP request includes the X-NKN-Trace header; for example if using Wget:
wget --header “X-NKN-Trace:” <URL>
The HTTP modules detect the above conditions and set the flag “HRF_TRACE_REQUEST” as well as other flags that direct each relevant module to log meaningful trace points. The trace points (as of Release 2.0.2) given below are shown with variables that are instantiated with data before displaying:
OM=Origin Manager, SF=SmoothFlow, %s=string data, %d=integer data, %ld=long integer data.
The trace points described in Table 16 below, are currently (as of Release 2.0.2) defined in Media Flow Controller.
"Could not unmount old mount configuration. Please check whether someone is accessing this directory: %s"
The requested namespace does not have HTTP delivery protocol or origin-server configured.
"NFS GET: Programming error: NFS object not found in get after stat succeeded"
Origin Manager. Returning cacheable/non-cacheable given bytes to the buffer manager for the given object starting at the given offset and length.
Origin Manager. Unable to connect to the origin server identified by the given hostname/IP address and port for the given object.
Origin Manager. Socket connect to the given IP address and port failed for the given object.
Origin Manager. gethostbyname_r call failed for the given hostname/IP address with the given error code.
Origin Manager. Socket connect to given hostname/IP address failed with the given error code.
Origin Manager. Socket connect to the given IP address and port is pending for the given object.
Server Side Player. The fast-start option was requested but not enforced in the virtual player.
Server Side Player. assured-flow rate was set to the given value for delivering this video.
Server Side Player. The requested assured-flow rate was unable to be met due to a lack of bandwidth for a given video/profile; the video was not delivered since Media Flow Controller cannot honor the configured assured-flow rate.
Virtual Player. The requested virtual player option was unavailable because no virtual player is assigned to the requested namespace.
Server Side Player. The incoming request was mapped to a configured namespace.
SmoothFlow trace; the meta file or some requested assets were not found, the default regular file will be delivered instead.
"[SesID: %s] SmoothFlow AFR request failed: %d. Please check if network connection max bw is limiting AFR"
SmoothFlow trace; assured-flow rate request failed, possibly due to a lack of network bandwidth.

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