Media Flow Controller Logs : System Log

System Log
Media Flow Controller employs a syslog utility for tracking and logging all manner of system messages from the merely informational to the extremely critical; this log is not specific to service activity. To see service activity reports, see “Service Log (accesslog)” on page 118, “Cache Log (cachelog)” on page 119, “Error Log (errorlog)” on page 121, “FMSAccess Log (fmsaccesslog)” on page 123, “FMSEdge Log (fmsedgelog)” on page 124, and/or “Stream Log (streamlog)” on page 126. The Trace Log can be used to track down problems with a specific delivery situation; see “Trace Log (tracelog)” on page 129 for details.
Set counter thresholds with stats commands; set email notifications with email commands. See logging for CLI details. See Table 15, below for severity level options.
The System Log keeps track of all system activities, similar to syslog on a UNIX system. The System Log provides this information, in this order:
Jan 6 00:10:00 test-vos httpd: [Wed Jan 06 00:10:00 2010] [notice] Apache configured -- resuming normal operations
Jan 6 05:58:50 test-vos pm[4617]: [pm.NOTICE]: Output from nknlogd (Nokeena Log Manager): Debuglog socket 17 closed
Jan 6 08:58:27 test-vos login: ROOT LOGIN ON ttyS0: user admin (System Administrator)

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