Media Flow Controller Logs : Error Log (errorlog)

Error Log (errorlog)
The Media Flow Controller errorlog records service related error messages, such as cache and delivery problems; this log is for Technical Support debugging. The Media Flow Controller system log (syslog) records system related messages and errors, such as user logins and CPU problems; see System Log for details. See “Configuring Service Logs” on page 132 for implementation details. See also “Log Codes and Sub-Codes” on page 115.
By default, the errorlog name is “error.log.” If Media Flow Controller is launched from the serial console, all error messages print out on the console; if Media Flow Controller is launched from the CLI, all error messages are logged in the file /var/log/messages.
The Error Logs provide freeform information; including these fields:
Media Flow Controller module and message level in this form: module.level, in brackets (see tables 13 and 14 below for descriptions); module code may not display
[Tue Jan 5 18:27:31.285 2010][MOD_HTTPHDRS.MSG] get_nth_list_element:1697: find_nth_name_value() failed rv=1
[Tue Jan 5 18:27:31.285 2010][MOD_HTTPHDRS.MSG] mime_hdr_get_nth_unknown:989: get_nth_list_element() failed rv=2
[Tue Jan 5 18:27:31.285 2010][MOD_HTTPHDRS.MSG] mime_hdr_get_unknown:930: find_name_value_by_name() failed rv=2
The errorlog module names and codes that may display are shown in Table 13, below.
MOD_TFM (temporary file manager, services offline origin manager for files under 10MB stored until promoted to the first eligible disk cache)
The errorlog levels that may display are shown in Table 14, below.
Failure, immediate attention required. Note! Some Severe messages are Informational only and do not indicate an error.
copy <SCP>
filename <name>
level {1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5-7}
module <module>
on-the-hour {disable | enable}
rotate {filesize-MB <integer> | time-interval <integer>}
syslog replicate {disable | enable}

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