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Viewing the Accesslog
You can schedule automatic uploads of completed accesslogs with the accesslog copy command; a completed accesslog is one that has reached its set rotate criteria (default is filesize-MB = 100). Only completed accesslogs can be uploaded with the accesslog copy command, to see accesslogs more frequently you might want to reduce the maximum filesize with this command accesslog rotate filesize-MB 1. In that way, once an accesslog reaches 1 megabyte (rather than the default 100 megabytes) it uploads automatically to the specified URL.
To immediately complete and upload an accesslog, run this command accesslog copy scp://<URL>, followed by the service restart accesslog command. Now you can access the compressed accesslog at the specified system, move it (if needed), uncompress it, and view its contents.
The default log filename format is <logfile>.#.yyyymmdd_hour:min:sec; you can change that with the filename command.
To view the Media Flow Controller accesslog:
CLI—To upload the accesslog, run upload accesslog {current | all} scp://<URL>. Choose all to upload all existing accesslogs. Default is current. See the “Command Arguments Key” on page 161 for the scp URL format and requirements.

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