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Disk Cache Problems
These are the disk state messages you might get when managing the media-cache disk.
DM2_MGMT_STATE_CACHEABLE = "disk cacheable, but cache not enabled"
DM2_MGMT_STATE_FORMAT_UNKNOWN_AFTER_MOUNT = "disk has wrong format hence not cacheable"
DM2_MGMT_STATE_DEACTIVATED = "disk has been deactivated";
DM2_MGMT_STATE_ACTIVATED = "disk has been activated";
DM2_MGMT_STATE_IMPROPER_MOUNT = "soft disk error, try to clear"
DM2_MGMT_STATE_CACHE_RUNNING = "cache running";
DM2_MUST_FORMAT = “Disk Cache Enable Failed - Disk Cache must be formatted before enabling”
DEFAULT = "unknown state, please try again a little later";
When a disk cache error displays, a first step to take is bringing down the disk and bringing it back up; to do, first find cache names, then act on the problem cache:
show media-cache disk list
media-cache disk <cache_name> status inactive
media-cache disk <cache_name> status active
media-cache disk <cache_name> enable
See media-cache for CLI details.

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