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Namespace Match Uri Configuration
Proper namespace configuration is required for smooth Media Flow Controller functioning. Namespace is how Media Flow Controller knows what to deliver and where to fetch it, if needed. An important element is the match criteria for the namespace. A match uri <uri-prefix> can be very specific, i.e. /vod/path1/path2; or very un-specific, i.e. / (slash). An unspecific <uri-prefix> can be thought of as a super-set. In the case of a <uri-prefix> of simply / (slash) all video requests are going to map to that namespace because all video requests are going to have a / (slash) in them. If a super-set <uri-prefix> is desired, it is important to also set a precedence for that namespace so Media Flow Controller knows to look at other namespaces first. For more information, see “Using namespace match <criteria> precedence” on page 81.

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