Media Flow Controller Fault Management : Testing Media Flow Controller Delivery Functions

Testing Media Flow Controller Delivery Functions
This test, using Wget (a free file retrieval program), demonstrates how Media Flow Controller is using a configured namespace to fetch and deliver content via HTTP or NFS, and Media Flow Controller caching mechanisms.
To perform this test you need a client machine with Wget installed that can also serve as the origin server, and a Media Flow Controller, and connectivity between the two of them. The setup for this example procedure includes creating data files (test.txt) and placing them in a directory (testresults/maria) on a Unix machine with Wget installed, serving as client and origin ( / sv05).
The actions for this example procedure are configuring a namespace (testHttp), requesting files via the Media Flow Controller ( / test-vos), and observing results using show counters and the accesslog on the Media Flow Controller Management Console.

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