Media Flow Controller Fault Management : Testing Network Connectivity

Testing Network Connectivity
To make sure your network connections are configured and behaving properly, do these tasks:
Confirm that your computer has the appropriate settings for DNS servers, the correct hostname, and an available IP address with the proper subnet mask (show hosts); the proper default gateway (show ip default-gateway).
Check network interfaces (show interfaces). Make sure the links are up, the addresses are correct, default routes are set correctly (show ip route). Check cable connectivity.
Test connections to remote servers; use ping (Ctrl+c to stop ping):
Ping the loopback address (by using the ping command) to verify that TCP/IP is installed and working correctly on the local computer.
Ping the IP address of the default gateway to verify that the gateway is functional and it is possible to connect to a local host on the local network.
At the command prompt, type traceroute <IP_address_of_remote_network_host>, and then press ENTER.
Examine the results to determine the length of time that the packet took to reach each network segment and the point at which the connection may stop working.
View the ARP (address resolution protocol) table on the local computer to detect invalid entries.

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