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Configuring stats alarm Notifications
Use email commands to set notifications via email to specified recipients for specified events; you must set the email mailhub for email notifications to work (see “Email Notification Options” on page 65 for details). You can set notifications by event class; and, set a notification type, either detail (applies to process-crash events only) or summarized (default).
Configure an email notify recipient for both failure and info event classes (by default).
email notify recipient <email_address>
no email notify recipient <email_address>
Limit the email notifications to a particular event class for an existing email notify recipient, by removing one of the event classes:
no email notify recipient <email_address> class {failure | info}
email notify recipient <email_address> detail
Remove the detail event notifications option and set notification type back to summarized:
no email notify recipient <email_address> detail

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