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Pre-Stage Content with FTP
You pre-stage content to a Media Flow Controller edge cache or origin so it is there when the first request arrives. Typically, content is pre-staged to origin; however, you can pre-stage content to the edge, but always pre-stage such content to origin as well because edge caches function as volatile storage and evict content rapidly.
When you create a namespace, an FTP user is automatically created with the name <namespace>_ftpuser, without a password. You need to use the CLI username or namespace commands to give the user a password; then you can log in as that namespace’s FTP user and issue the FTP commands to push the content to Media Flow Controller (default FTP port is 21). In this way, each FTP session transfers content only for one namespace at a time and users cannot view the content of another FTP user.
If the pre-staging is to an attached library (2 box arrangement), then you can see the listing of the files using your FTP client. If the pre-staging is to Media Flow Controller directly, then you can use the namespace object list all command to see the listing of transferred files.
Note! Pre-staging content in this manner simply places the files on the Media Flow Controller. In order to pre-process for SmoothFlow, you must follow a different procedure. See Appendix B, “SmoothFlow Deployment for more information.
Note! FTP in Media Flow Controller has no checksum support.

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