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Configure NFS Fetch for Images
Configuring Media Flow Controller to fetch all JPEG image files located in a particular directory on an NFS origin server requires another namespace configuration.
In this example, all requests for files at that incur a cache miss (necessitating an origin fetch) are fetched from the specified origin using NFS; the configuration could look like this:
test-vos (config) # namespace exampleJpegs
test-vos (config namespace exampleJpegs) # domain
test-vos (config namespace exampleJpegs) # match uri /jpgImages/
test-vos (config namespace exampleJpegs) # origin-server nfs /home/jpgImages
test-vos (config namespace exampleJpegs) # status active
test-vos (config namespace exampleJpegs) # exit
test-vos (config) #
The match uri-prefix of /jpgImages tells Media Flow Controller to use these namespace rules for incoming requests containing /jpgImages in the URL: use NFS to fetch the requested file from the specified origin-server on the default port, if unspecified (default NFS port is 2049).
Just as with the initial namespace configuration, repeat the namespace configurations with the domain specified without the “www” prefix, and again specified with the IP address, if requests may come in those ways. Test the configuration with ping.
Tip! If unsure what port you are using for origin-server, use standard Linux shell commands to figure out the port, and then configure it along with the origin-server, if not the default.

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