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Service Log Options
Media Flow Controller provides service-specific logs: accesslog, cachelog, errorlog, and streamlog. The accesslog records all command executions. You need to configure Media Flow Controller with the method and path to use when pushing accesslog to a server on your network. You may also want to configure settings for log rotation and add the accesslog data to the syslog, if desired. See accesslog, cachelog, errorlog, and streamlog for CLI details.
See “About Log Rotation” on page 132 and “Configuring Service Logs” on page 132 for configuration details.
To configure the Media Flow Controller Service Log (accesslog) using the Management Console, go to the Service Config tab, Logging page; use EZconfig page Service Restart area to restart the mod-log service. Be sure to click Apply at each section and Save at the top right of the page to make the changes persistent across reboots/restarts.

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