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Network Connection Options
Configure network connection settings (global Media Flow Controller defaults). Note the assured-flow-rate and max-bandwidth options are available in virtual-player configurations. Virtual-player configurations override network connection configurations.
Using network connection assured-flow
Assured Flow™ is a function using the values set for max-bandwidth, concurrent session, and assured-flow rate (AFR). AFR is the rate that Media Flow Controller provisions at the network level. For example, if a video encoded at 800 Kbps needs to be transferred over HTTP that uses TCP/IP over Ethernet, you must account for the overheads of the HTTP, TCP, IP, and Ethernet protocols. Usually, HTTP + TCP + IP + Ethernet overheads amount to 10 to 15%. With this in mind, AFR for a video encoded at 800 Kbps should be set to 900Kbps or slightly higher. See “AssuredFlow™” on page 48 for more information.
Configuring Network Connection
Use this command to set a global assured-flow-rate, concurrent session, idle timeout, and max-bandwidth limits. See network for CLI details.
Configure global network assured-flow-rate (minimum rate for a given session); default, 0 (zero), means assured flow is disabled (no minimum rate is provisioned). See “AssuredFlow™” on page 48 for detailed description.
network connection assured-flow-rate {0 | <kbps>}
Important! Configure global network concurrent session limit; default is 10 (without Media Flow Controller license), 5000 (with Media Flow Controller license). The Media Flow Controller license changes the default.
network connection concurrent session {5000 | <integer>}
Configure global network socket idled-out time in seconds; this is the time the network waits before closing a connection when there is no data in session; default is 60 seconds.
network connection idle timeout <seconds>
Configure global network maximum allowed bandwidth (burst rate); even if there is available bandwidth in the link, Media Flow Controller does not allocate more than this value for a session. When there is a full download, Media Flow Controller tries to allocate this value to the session; default is 200 without Media Flow Controller license, 0 kbps (unbounded) with Media Flow Controller license. The Media Flow Controller license changes the default.
network connection max-bandwidth {0 | <kbps>}
show network
write memory
test-vos (config) # network connection assured-flow-rate 2000
test-vos (config) # network connection concurrent session 4000
test-vos (config) # network connection idle timeout 900
test-vos (config) # network connection max-bandwidth 2000
test-vos (config) # show network
Network time out (seconds) : 900
Maximum concurrent sessions : 4000
Per Session assured flow rate (Kbits/sec) : 2000
Per Session Maximum bandwidth (Kbits/sec) : 2000
Network Access-Control PERMIT list: NONE
Network Access-Control DENY list: NONE
To make these configurations using the Management Console, go to the Service Config tab, Delivery Network page; see Service Config > Delivery Network for details.

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