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Configuring CMC (Central Management Console) Options
Media Flow Controller has the ability to be managed by a Media Flow Manager appliance. To setup your Media Flow Controller to be managed, use the CMC Clients page via the Management Console; see System Config > CMC for details.
All Media Flow Controllers are enabled for CMC management by default. If you want to ensure that this Media Flow Controller cannot be managed by CMC, de-select the Enable CMC Client checkbox.
Rendezvous is a mechanism by which properly configured Media Flow Controllers can find a Media Flow Manager and request management. For rendezvous to work, it must be enabled on the client (the Media Flow Controller) and on the CMC server (the Media Flow Manager). Select the Automatic Rendezvous checkbox to do this. When rendezvous is configured on the client and enabled on the server, the client periodically sends out requests to the configured CMC Server Address asking to be managed. Currently, cmc is the only option for the CMC Service Name.
Click Apply to complete CMC client setup; Cancel to return settings to their previous state. Click Save at the top of the page to make changes persistent across reboots.
Use the CMC Status area to verify whether or not this Media Flow Controller is currently being managed by a CMC server and to check Rendezvous status of requests. Click Refresh Status to check for the latest data; click Rendezvous Now to force a rendezvous request from this client to the configured CMC server.

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