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Configuring System Clock and Banner
Configure an NTP (network time protocol) server OR system clock and timezone. Proper time configuration is required for accurate functioning.
Configure NTP server. Use show ntp to verify.
ntp server
test-vos (config) # ntp server
Alternately, configure the system clock, and timezone. Use show clock to verify.
clock set <hh:mm:ss> [<yyyy/mm/dd>]
clock timezone <zone> [<zone_word>] [<zone_word>] ...
test-vos (config) # clock set 15:51:30
test-vos (config) # clock timezone America North United_States Pacific
Optionally, configure banners. There are two banners you can set: motd (message of the day) and login. In the CLI, both display at the command line when you log in; in the Management Console, only the login message displays, on the login page. Multi-word messages must be surrounded by quotes. Use show host and show banner to verify.
banner [login <message_string>] [banner motd <message_string>]
test-vos (config) # banner login “Welcome to Media Flow Controller”
test-vos (config) # banner motd “Please note new link bonding commands”
To make these configurations using the Management Console, go to the System Config tab and use the page links on the left; see System Config > Date and Time and System Config > NTP for details.

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