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Example Interface Configuration
Table 6, next, provides an example configuration. In Table 6, and Figure 5, the wiring logic is:
Eth 0: Running SNMP, sending analytics to another machine, Web management, SSH, and Telnet; connected to your internal network.
Eth 1: Upstream fetching content from origin; connected to the network that connects to the origin server.
Eth 2 - 5: Service traffic; connected to the public Internet. These interfaces must have IP addresses.
Open Ports
Internet Access
Figure 5 Example Connectivity
Note! Typically Eth0 and Eth1 are the first two interfaces you use; these are usually the first two network ports built into the system—either part of the system board, or the first add-in card or module.
Management Interfaces
Juniper Networks Media Flow Controller supports two management interfaces (LO and Eth0); illustrated in Figure 5, above.
Out-of-band management (aka lights-out) involves the use of a dedicated management channel for device maintenance. It allows you to monitor and manage servers and other network equipment by remote control regardless of whether the machine is powered on.
You can set up out-of-band management through the BIOS.
Important! Media Flow Controller does not support RAID arrays.

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