Server Map Configuration : nfs-map XML File

nfs-map XML File
Use the server-map format-type nfs-map XML file to provide a list of NFS mount-points; mainly, hostname and publishing point, and some other information. The XML file must provide the following tags.
Sample nfs-map XML file:
<response scode="0" scode_description="success!">
<MISSINGFILE PATH="C:\path1\path2\path3\FileNotFound.wma"/>
<INVALIDPUBLISHINGPOINT PATH="C:\path1\path2\path3\StorageOffline.wma"/>
<PUBLISHINGPOINT NAME="name1" PATH="\\<name>.<name>.<name>.com\name1"/>
<PUBLISHINGPOINT NAME="name2" PATH="\\<name>.<name>.<name>.com\name2"/>
<PUBLISHINGPOINT NAME="name3" PATH="\\<name>.<name>.<name>.com\name3"/>
<PUBLISHINGPOINT NAME="name4" PATH="\\<name>.<name>.<name>.com\name4"/>
Note! For Release 2.0.2, Media Flow Controller NFS origin server map uses a proprietary parser to extract data from the XML file; the file must use the tags and format given below.
Response Scode—The standard response code when indicating success in calling the NFS service; you can modify the description:
PublishingPoints Interval-Sec—The polling interval; you can modify the number of seconds. This can also be set in the Media Flow Controller CLI with the server-map command; the CLI setting overrides the XML file setting:
MissingFile Path—A file to use in the case of a missing file path; only needed if you will be handling streaming of Windows Media content:
InvalidPublishingPoint Path—A file to use in the case of an invalid publishing point; only needed if you will be handling streaming of Windows Media content:
PublishingPoint Name—The NFS mount point for that file path. Example:
<PUBLISHINGPOINT NAME="<name>" PATH="\\<name>.<name>.<name>.com\<mount_point>" />
Important! The defined Publishing Point Names are expected to be the first component in the incoming URI request. For example, if you define a Publishing Point Name "p12s34" (<PUBLISHINGPOINT NAME="p12s34">), then incoming URI requests must include that name in the first part of the URI for the mapping of that publishing point to be successful, i.e.

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