Server Map Configuration : host-origin-map XML File

host-origin-map XML File
Use the server-map format-type host-origin-map XML file to map the incoming (target origin) HOST header value to a specified origin server (no maximum). No check is made to determine if an origin is online when requested. The XML file must provide the following tags.
Sample host-origin-map XML file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE HostOriginMap SYSTEM "HostOriginMap.dtd">
HostOriginMap—Parent tag for Header and HostOriginEntry tags.
Header—Parent tag for Version and Application tags.
Version—MapXML utility version:1.0.
Application—Type of Media Flow Controller application: MapXML.
HostOriginEntry—Parent tag for Host, Origin, Port, and Options tags.
Host—The incoming request HOST header (target origin); may be host: port or just host.
Origin—The origin-server to use to resolve cache misses.
Port—The origin server port to use to resolve cache misses.
Options—Not Supported in Release 2.0.2.
Important! Do not change the Version from 1.0 or the Application from MapXML without explicit, new instructions. These values must be present or the XML file will be rejected.

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