SmoothFlow Deployment : Deployment Checklist

Deployment Checklist
First, you must determine how many bitrate profiles you want for each video. See “Evaluating Your Needs” on page 321 and “Encoding Requirements” on page 322.
For “Creating Assets Using an SaaS” on page 323:
Create the setup.xml file describing the Website of your chosen encoding service and your login credentials for the service, where you want the multi-bitrate profiles output to, and credentials for that (i.e. FTP site and credentials), and how often you want status polling done. See “Scripts for Creating Assets Using an SaaS” on page 325.
For each asset, create the asset.xml file describing the single-bitrate video file, how many multi-bitrate profiles you want created for it and at what rates, including frames-per-second, container format, and keyframe interval. See “Scripts for Creating Assets Using an SaaS” on page 325.
Use the script to “Initiate Encoding Using an SaaS” on page 325 to create multi-bitrate (MBR) profiles for each single-bitrate video file.
“Verify that Encoding has Completed” on page 328 and the assets are transferred to your FTP output account given in the setup.xml file.
“Prepare Media Flow Controller for Assets Created Using an SaaS” on page 329 by creating the segment_config.xml file describing the multi-bitrate assets for Media Flow Controller including the IP address of the Media Flow Controller, where the assets are located, access credentials for obtaining the assets, and a temporary directory in the system for SmoothFlow processing.
Use the script referencing the segment_config.xml file to initiate SmoothFlow processing and publishing to Media Flow Controller, and render the assets ready for delivery.
For “Creating On-Demand Assets” on page 331:
For each asset, “Create AssetDescription.dat File for On-Demand Assets” on page 332 by creating an AssetDescription.dat (text) file describing the multi-bitrate profiles including frame rate, keyframe interval, and assured flow rate and threshold.
“Pre-Stage On-Demand Assets” on page 333 by placing the assets on the Media Flow Controller or your origin-server.
“Initiate SmoothFlow Processing for On-Demand Assets” on page 334 to prepare the assets for on-demand SmoothFlow delivery.
Finally, see “Deploying the SmoothFlow Reference Client Player” on page 336 to complete SmoothFlow deployment.

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