SmoothFlow Deployment : Troubleshooting

Media Flow Controller includes a trace facility to help diagnose the handling of a particular HTTP request. The tracing is done by logging trace points, written to the Trace Log. A request is traced if the following conditions are true:
delivery protocol http trace enable
The HTTP request includes the X-NKN-Trace header; for example if using Wget:
wget --header “X-NKN-Trace:” <URL>
The HTTP modules detect the above conditions and set the flag “HRF_TRACE_REQUEST” as well as other flags that direct each relevant module to log meaningful trace points.
To view the delivery trace log:
Management Console—Media Flow Controller trace log entries are available for viewing on the Management Console Trace Logs page.
CLI—To upload a trace log, run upload tracelog scp://<URL>. Now you can access the trace log at the specified system, move it (if needed) and view its contents. See the “Command Arguments Key” on page 161 for the scp URL format); you must have an SCP or FTP server installed in order to SCP or FTP, respectively, files to your machine.

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