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Pre-Stage On-Demand Assets
The Asset Description file provides Media Flow Controller with the information it needs to SmoothFlow process and serve the encoded videos. Typically, it is placed on your Web server with the media assets; however it can be kept on any defined origin server in the namespace you use. A few options to stage the assets are as follows:
Place it on your Web server, define that Web server as an origin server in the SmoothFlow namespace, use that namespace’s defined uri-prefix in your SmoothFlow processing request.
FTP it to your Media Flow Controller origin server; if your SmoothFlow processing request is to that Media Flow Controller, it looks for the file locally.
Tip! Typically, assets are pre-staged to an origin server with non-volatile storage (NFS, RAID, or NAS); however, you may pre-stage assets to an edge cache. In that case, be sure to also pre-stage them to the origin server as well, since edge caches are typically configured to delete files after a short time (cache expiry).

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