SmoothFlow Deployment : Creating Assets Using an SaaS : Logs for Assets Created Using an SaaS

Logs for Assets Created Using an SaaS
The system generates 3 log files when you use the encoding using an SaaS procedure:
pub-asset-encoder.log—Captures the completion status of
pub-asset-polling.log—Captures the multiple transaction ID’s provided by, and associates them with unique keys generated by
pub-asset-segmenter.log—Captures the completion status of the script.
Unique-Key, Date, Time, Publishing-Type, Service ProviderUser-ID, FTP-Source, FTP-Dest,  Video-FileName, Num-Profiles,   Bit-Rates (kbps),  Time-To-Upload, Time-To-Encode,  Completion-Time, Success-Status
AX-001, MM/DD/YYYY, HH:MM:SS, Smoothflow/iPhone,,  xyga,  username@ip:/in-path, username@ip:/out-path, foo.flv, 2, 500; 1000,  HH:MM:SS, HH:MM:SS, HH:MM:SS,  PASS
Unique-KeyDate, Time, Time-To-Segment, Num-Objects/ChunksOrigin-PathSuccess-Status

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