SmoothFlow Deployment : Creating Assets Using an SaaS : Verify that Encoding has Completed

Verify that Encoding has Completed
In order to verify that the requested encoding has completed, you can look at your account with; use the Job ID given in the output of the python command to verify a particular set of encoding requests.
Or, by setting the <status_polling_duration> element in the setup.xml file, the SFAssetGenerator script can provide real time status updates about the encoding progress. You will see status messages being displayed as shown below.
profile id: 1 status: downloading
profile id: 1 status: waiting for encoder
profile id: 1 status: processing
profile id: 1 status: saving
The status messages signify the following:
downloading—Transferring the original source files into local storage.
waiting for an encoder—Waiting for to assign an encoder from the cloud compute.
encoding in progress—Encoding is underway.
saving—Transferring the encoded files back into user’s FTP account.
Once the requested bitrate profiles and metadata files appear in the output folder, you are ready to request SmoothFlow publishing of the encoded asset(s).

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