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Scripts for Creating Assets Using an SaaS
Juniper Networks has two Python scripts, SFAssetGenerator and SFSegmenter, that can be used to create media assets using Saas. Obtain these scripts through Juniper Networks Customer Support (see “Requesting Technical Support” on page 32).
SFAssetGenerator script interfaces with service and is responsible for the creation of the multiple bitrate profiles in accordance with Media Flow Controller encoding guidelines. This script works with two XML files, setup and asset, and outputs one, jobid:
setup.xml—Specifies the global setup configuration parameters.
asset.xml—Specifies the encoding configuration parameters for each asset.
jobid.xml—Contains a list of ID’s provided by that are used as input to the script.
SFSegmenter script takes the prepared media assets, and SmoothFlow processes them, and then pre-stages them to a specified origin server, preparing the asset for delivery.

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