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Encoding Requirements
To enable SmoothFlow delivery there are a set of media codec/container requirements and encoding guidelines you must observe when creating the different bitrate profiles. The codec and containers supported for SmoothFlow delivery are given in Table 32, below.
Note! Juniper Networks SmoothFlow supports legacy containers and codecs like H.263, VP6 for video, and MP3 for audio in FLV formats, but Juniper Networks recommends using the more optimal H.264/AAC combination instead.
General encoding requirements:
Maintain key frames (IDR frames for H.264) at the same points across the bitrate profiles to allow sync for switching (fixed GOP intervals).
Maintain the same video resolution across all the bit-rate profiles. Note! Flash run-time has a known issue that causes jerkiness when switching between different video resolutions.
Tip! Juniper Networks recommends having at least one key frame every 2 seconds as profiles can only be switched at key frames (the closer the key frame, the quicker SmoothFlow can adapt). A two second interval is not required, but a standard interval across all the bit-rate profiles is required. Key frames at intervals smaller than 2 seconds may impact the encoding performance and/or quality. Key frames at intervals larger than 10 seconds may severely impact adaptability due to network fluctuations.

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