SmoothFlow Deployment : Evaluating Your Needs

Evaluating Your Needs
Primarily you need to consider how many bitrate profiles of each of your videos you want to create. This largely depends on the quality of video delivery you want to provide. For example, if you are a Video On Demand (VOD) provider, and your customers are subscription-based, delivery quality is important and you will want to encode 5 or 7 different bitrate profiles for each video (some providers encode 13 different bitrate profiles). Contrariwise, if you are a User Generated Content (UGC) provider, your revenue is derived from advertising (not subscriptions), and you must be careful with your storage and delivery costs, you may only want to encode 3 different bitrate profiles for each video.
Once you know how many, and at what rates, bitrate profiles you want to create, you are ready to begin. An example of different bitrate profile encoding schemes:
A premium content owner for High Definition video might use the following (500, 800, 1100, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2600 and 3000) kbps encoding scheme.
A user generated content (UGC) content owner might use (300, 500 and 750) encoding scheme; note usually UGC customers stay below 1000kbps for any video.

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