SmoothFlow Deployment

SmoothFlow Deployment
To enable Juniper Networks Media Flow Controller SmoothFlow™, media assets (sets of multi-bitrate encoded video files along with metadata describing them) must be created and processed for SmoothFlow, and SmoothFlow functionality must be configured in Media Flow Controller and implemented in the client player. See “SmoothFlow™” on page 49 for an overview of the function.
Deploying SmoothFlow (SF) involves several tasks at various points, some on your Media Flow Controller and some on a different system, these tasks are described in Table 31.
Note! This task list assumes that all Media Flow Controller system configurations have been done.
Know your business model; you use this to determine how many different bitrate profiles you need per video.
Provides an example of the minimum required Media Flow Controller configurations for SmoothFlow.
Up and running Media Flow Controller with the Media Flow Controller license installed.
An account with or other Saas, (must use Juniper Networks scripts)
Access to SmoothFlow Reference Player (obtain from Juniper Networks Customer Support)

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