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Guide to This Document
This document provides information on the following topics:
“Media Flow Controller Overview” on page 37: Describes how Juniper Networks Media Flow Controller fits into the network topology, and the basic working principals including feature descriptions.
“Media Flow Controller Configuration Tasks” on page 55: Describes basic system setup including initial logins and configuration methods.
“Media Flow Controller Logs” on page 115: Describes Media Flow Controller logs including fields, formats (where applicable), and configuration options
“Media Flow Controller Fault Management” on page 135: Describes how to set up SNMP alarms, logging, and event notifications and provides details on available diagnostic tools including how to reset the system to its factory configuration, rebooting the system, and installing upgrades to the system. Includes Testing Network Connectivity, Testing Media Flow Controller Namespace and Delivery, and Troubleshooting.
“About the Command Line Interface (CLI)” on page 159: Describes Media Flow Controller CLI logging in, command notation conventions, roles and privileges, terminology, and CLI options.
“Media Flow Controller CLI Commands” on page 165: Alphabetical list of all commands including keywords, arguments, and notes.
“Media Flow Controller Web-Based Interface” on page 251: Page-by-page description of the Media Flow Controller Management Console.
“Server Map Configuration” on page 313: Describes how to create the XML server map file needed for the server-map command.
“SmoothFlow Deployment” on page 321: Describes how to create SmoothFlow video assets using an SaaS or independently.
“Media Flow Controller MIB Definitions” on page 341: Provides the base MIBs supported by Media Flow Controller.

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Media Flow Controller Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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