Preface : What’s New in Release 2.0.2 : HTTP Delivery Enhancements

HTTP Delivery Enhancements
Most enhancements have to do with namespace configurations.
Transparent Proxy (T-Proxy)
For IP spoofing the source IP address that Media Flow Controller presents to the origin can be derived from the incoming packet’s IP header, or from a configured HTTP header value.
Caching policy from origin be set to client driven mode where Media Flow Controller caches only what is consumed by the client that requested data from origin.
Support for Cluster Hash and Origin Escalation
Support for escalating the cache-miss triggered request from Media Flow Controller to a bunch of origin servers based on a configured escalation policy.
Namespace Enhancements
Support for Virtual Host and TCP-Port-based mapping allows incoming requests with different destination IP address and/or Port can be mapped to different namespaces.
Performance Improvements
RFC and Cache-Proxy Compliance
Media Flow Controller software version 2.0.2 addresses several open items that were considered deviation from RFC 2616 compliance, especially with respect to all the “Cache-control” directives.
Conversion of HEAD to GET has been disabled. HEAD requests are answered by Media Flow Controller when the data is in the Media Flow Controller cache. HEAD requests are tunneled to origin if Media Flow Controller took a cache miss.

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