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Prompt and Response Conventions
The prompt always begins with the hostname of the system. What follows depends on what command mode you are in. To demonstrate by example, say the hostname is "vos-c111". The prompts for each of the modes would be:
test-vos > Standard mode
test-vos # Enable mode
test-vos (config) # Config mode
Commands that succeed in doing what was asked do not print any response. The next thing you see after pressing Enter is the command prompt. If an error is encountered in executing a command, the response begins with % (percent sign), followed by some text describing the error.
Note! All CLI commands allow completion with TAB. For example, typing en and then pressing TAB completes the en command out to enable. Completion (hitting TAB) also shows all commands following the typed letters; for example, typing e (in Standard mode) and then pressing TAB shows enable and exit as the available commands starting with e.

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