Media Flow Controller CLI Commands : upload

Upload files.
accesslog {current | all} <SCP>
cachelog {current | all} {<URL> | <SCP>}
errorlog {current | all} {<URL> | <SCP>}
fmsaccesslog all {<URL> | <SCP>}
fmsedgelog all {<URL> | <SCP>}
fuselog {current | all} {<URL> | <SCP>}
object list <namespace> {<URL> | <SCP>}
streamlog {current | all} {<URL> | <SCP>}
tracelog {current | all} {<URL> | <SCP>}
Upload either the current or all accesslog, cachelog, errorlog, streamlog, delivery tracelog, or namespace <name> object list file, to the specified SCP path; with errorlog, you can also use an HTTP URL. See the “Command Arguments Key” on page 161 for the scp URL format and requirements.

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Media Flow Controller Administrator's Guide and CLI Command Reference
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