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streamlog format Options
Options are (use any combination) shown in Table 30, below.
Table 30 streamlog format Options  
%a (avg b/w)
%c (s-ip)
%d (r-ip)
%f (filelength)
%h (c-ip)
%j (timestamp)
%l (cs-uri-stem)
%o (c-os)
%p (player)
%r (cs-uri)
%s (sc-status) (default)
The status code the server sends back to the client; reveals whether the request resulted in a successful response (codes beginning in 2), a redirection (codes beginning in 3), an error caused by the client (codes beginning in 4), or an error in the server (codes beginning in 5). For the full list of possible status codes see “Log Codes and Sub-Codes” on page 115.
%t (localtime)
Local time, in DD/MM/YYYY:HH:MM:SS GGGG format (where GGGG is the time differential from GMT); indicates when the connection ended.
%u (cpu)
%v (c-osversion)
%x (transaction)
%A (action)
%B (begin) (clip-start)
%C (client-id)
%D (dropped-packets)
%E (end) (clip-end)
%K (resent-packets)
%L (request_protocol)
%R (transport)
%S (stream-id)
Unique Server-side streaming identifier used to correlate the Streaming accesslog and Streaming details log entries pertaining to that server stream.
%T (time)
%X (product)

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