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ssh server
Enable or disable, and configure SSH (secure sockets shell) server options.
ssh server
<key_type> {private-key <key> | public-key <key>}
listen [enable] [interface <interface_name>]
min-version {1 | 2}
ports <port> [<port2> ...]
enable—Enable (default) or disable (with no) the SSH server. If the SSH server is disabled, the CLI is only accessible over the serial console; this does not terminate existing SSH sessions; it only prevents new ones from being established.
host-key—Manipulate host keys for SSH:
generate—Regenerate new host keys for the SSH server. This generates three keys: RSAv1, RSAv2, and DSAv2. Note the system automatically generates the host keys on its first boot, so this only needs to be done if a security breach is suspected and the keys need to be changed.
<key type>—Manually set the host-key (either private or public, but should be both if changing) of the specified key type; options are rsa1, rsa2, and dsa2 and either private-key or public-key. If the positive form of the private-key command is used with no key given, the user is prompted for the key. Entries made at this prompt echo the asterisk (*) character, and the user must enter the same string twice.
listen—Configure SSH server interface access restrictions.
enable—Enable (default) or disable (with no) the listen interface-restricted list for SSHD. If enabled and at least one non-DHCP interface is specified in the list, the SSH connections are only accepted on those specified interfaces. When disabled, SSH connections are accepted on any interface.
interface <interface_name>—Add interfaces to the listen list; default is eth0. If the interface is also running as a DHCP client, it is as if the interface was not added. If DHCP is later turned off on this interface, it is as if the interface was then added to the listen list. Use no ssh server listen interface <interface_name> to delete entries.
min-version—Set the minimum version of the SSH protocol that the server supports. Default is 2. Use no ssh server min-version to reset to default.
ports—Specify on which ports the SSH server listens; default is 22. Multiple ports can be specified by repeating the <port> entry. There must be at least one port specified on the system for the SSH server. Removes any previous ports if not listed in the command.
show ssh server [host-keys]
SSH server information, including whether or not it is enabled, and the host key fingerprints. Use the host-keys option to display information about the SSH server, including whether or not it is enabled, the host key fingerprints, and the full host keys.

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