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server-map Example for HTTP Origin
For an incoming URL of, and a server-map configuration of:
test-vos (config) # server-map smHTTP1
test-vos (config server-map smHTTP1) # format-type host-origin-map
test-vos (config server-map smHTTP1) # file-url refresh-interval 300
test-vos (config server-map smHTTP1) #
Media Flow Controller would scan the URL, extract and use this defined namespace to index into the server-map file fetched from the set file-url. The fetched file (filemapB.xml) would have an entry (or multiple entries) indicating the location of the defined origin-servers and corresponding HOST headers; the format-type tells Media Flow Controller that this type of XML file is for HTTP origin.
See "Appendix A, “Server Map Configuration," for additional examples.

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