Media Flow Controller CLI Commands : reload

Reboot or shut down the system.
halt [noconfirm]
reload—Reboot the system. If there are unsaved changes to the configuration, you may be prompted to save these changes (do a write memory) first before rebooting. The prompt is suppressed if confirmation of losing unsaved changes is disabled (with the no cli default prompt confirm-unsaved command). You may also be prompted to confirm the reload regardless of whether there are unsaved changes or not. This prompt is contingent on a separate configuration setting, controlled with the [no] cli default prompt confirm-reload command. If both prompts are enabled, and the configuration was unsaved, you are prompted twice.
force—Reboot the system immediately. This reboots the system, and there is no halt variant. There is also never any confirmation, whether or not there are any unsaved changes to the configuration
halt—Shut down the system if reload halt. If the system is busy performing another operation (requiring the management subsystem, which is almost any management operation), the regular reload [halt] command blocks until it is finished.
noconfirm—Suppresses the confirmations.

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