Media Flow Controller CLI Commands : network

Configure the network layer for Media Flow Controller; see “Network Connection Options” on page 69 for task details. Many of these commands are also available in virtual players, see virtual-player for details; when set in a virtual player assigned a namespace, the virtual player values override these values.
network connection
assured-flow-rate {0 | <kbps>}
concurrent session {5000 | <integer>}
idle timeout {60 | <seconds>}
max-bandwidth {0 | <kbps>}
connection—Configure network parameters for connections. Use no network connection <parameter> to reset default (except where indicated).
assured-flow-rate—Set the assured flow rate (AFR) for any connection. AFR is the minimum rate at which a connection is allowed to exist in the system. Connections usually get a bandwidth between this and the network connection max-bandwidth. Default is 0 (zero) = Media Flow Controller best effort. AFR is disabled by default; if needed, enable it with these configurations or with a virtual-player configuration. See “Using network connection assured-flow” on page 69," for more details.
concurrent session—Set a limit on concurrent sessions in Media Flow Controller. Default is 5000 with Media Flow Controller license, 10 without it; maximum allowed is 40,000. Important! You must have the Media Flow Controller license installed to change the default.
idle timeout—Set socket idled-out time in seconds, default is 60; this is the time the network waits before closing a session when there is no data transfer in it.
max-bandwidth—Set the maximum bandwidth for a session. The actual session bandwidth is between the network connection assured-flow-rate and this value. Even if there is available bandwidth in the link, Media Flow Controller doesn’t allocate more than this value for a session. When there is a full download, Media Flow Controller tries to allocate this value to the session. Default is 0 kbps (unbounded) with Media Flow Controller license, 200 kbps without it. Use no network connection max-bandwidth to reset default (unbounded). Important! You must have the Media Flow Controller license installed to change the unlicensed default.
show network
Display current network settings.

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