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logging severity level
Logging severity-level options are described in Table 25, below.
Messages generated by the system debugging utility.
Normal but significant condition or response that could affect operations (default).
show logging
Display logging configuration settings.
show log [files <file_number>] [[not] matching <regex>]
View a local system log file. Arguments:
If files <file_number> is specified, view an archived log file, where the number is from 1 up to the number of archived log files.
If [not] matching <regex> is specified, the file is piped through the grep utility to only include lines either matching, or not matching, the provided regular expression.
show log continuous [[not] matching <regex>]
Display the last few lines of the current log file, and then continue to display new lines as they come in, until the user hits Ctrl+C. This is done using the tail utility. If [not] matching <regex> is specified, only log lines matching, or not matching, the provided regular expression are printed.
Note! Enclose all regex entries in single quotes; i.e. ‘^.*\example\.com’.
show log files
Display a list of local log files.

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