Media Flow Controller CLI Commands : image

Manipulate system software images.
boot {location <location_ID> | next}
delete <image_name>
fetch {<URL> | <SCP>} [filename <name>]
install <image_filename>
location <partition_number>
progress {no-track | track}
verify {ignore-sig | require-sig}]
move <source_image_name> <dest_image_name>
options require-sig
boot—Specify from which location the image should boot by default; there are only two locations to choose from so the options are 1 and 2 for location ID. If next is used, set the boot location to be the next one after the one currently booted from. Note this does not mean the next one after the one Media Flow Controller is currently set to boot from; thus the command is idempotent, and does not continue to cycle through all of the available locations.
delete—Delete the specified image file.
fetch—Download an image from the specified URL. If a filename is specified, the file is given that name; otherwise it is given whatever name it had on the server (the part after the last slash in the URL). See the “Command Arguments Key” on page 161 for the scp URL format).
install—Install the specified image file. Arguments:
location—If no location is specified, the next one after the one currently booted from is chosen. Note you cannot install to the "active" location (the one which is currently booted). On a two-location system, this is never necessary, as there is only one legal choice, which is chosen automatically if no location is specified.
progress—override the CLI default for displaying progress (cli default progress enable): no-track overrides the set default value enabling tracking, and blocks progress tracking; track overrides the set value disabling tracking, and tracks installation progress. If the options are not specified the CLI default is in effect.
verify—The require-sig and ignore-sig options override the system-wide defaults for signature verification; require-sig causes the image install to fail if a valid signature is not found on the image, ignore-sig forces unsigned or invalidly signed images to be installed.
move—Rename the specified image file. The destination image may not already exist.
options require-sig—Cause all image installs to require a valid signature. If not set, a signature is not required, but if one is present it must be valid. Use no image options require-sig to disable.
show images
Show all image files on the system, as well as what images are installed in the two locations, the active location (which was most recently booted from), and the default location (which is the default to boot from in the future). Note there may be overlap between these two lists.

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