Media Flow Controller CLI Commands : clock

Set the system clock and timezone.
set <hh>:<mm>:<ss> [<yyyy>/<mm>/<dd>]
timezone <zone> [<zone_word>] [<zone_word>] ...
set—Set the system clock. The time must be specified. The date is optional; if not specified, the date is left the same.
timezone—Set the system time zone. Default is UTC. The no variant resets to default. The timezone may be specified in one of three ways:
A nearby city whose timezone rules follow. The system has a large list of cities that can be displayed by the help and completion system. They are organized hierarchically because there are too many of them to display in a flat list. A given city may be required to be specified in two, three, or four words, depending on the city. The possible forms this could take include:
<continent> <city>
<continent> <country> <city>
<continent> <region> <country> <city>
<ocean> <island>
GMT-offset GMT (default)
GMT-offset GMT+<1-12>
GMT-offset GMT-<1-14>
show clock
Current system time, date, and timezone.

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