Media Flow Controller CLI Commands : analytics

Configure cache analytics options. See “Hierarchical Caching” on page 47 for details.
cache-ingest size-threshold <bytes>
cache-promotion [disable | enable | hotness-threshold <number>]
cache-ingest size-threshold <bytes>—Set the maximum size of an object that can be optionally ingested into the fastest cache tier in the disk cache. Objects smaller than, or equal to, the configured size are automatically written to the fastest cache tier. Default is 0 (zero), no objects are directly promoted to the fastest tier. Maximum allowed value is 4GB (4294967295).
cache-promotion—This function moves “hot” objects (most requested) to a faster cache tier and “cold” objects (least requested) to a slower cache tier. Options:
enable and disable—Either enable or disable cache promotion analytics; default is enabled; if disable is used, no cache promotion occurs.
hotness-threshold—Set a threshold for "hotness" value after which an object is candidate for promotion to a higher tier in disk cache. Default is 3, an object requested three times becomes a candidate for cache promotion.
show analytics
Display current analytics settings.

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