Start MATE Topology

The following are the procedures to start a MATE topology for Junosphere. The procedure assumes that you have purchased virtual machines and made a date and time reservation in Junosphere.

  1. In a browser, go to and log into Junosphere Lab using the user name and password supplied by Juniper Networks.
  2. For Junosphere 1.0, click Library in the top panel. For Junosphere 2.0, select a bank and sandbox, click Libraries, click Public, and click a library.

    A list of topologies appears.

  3. If this is your first time activating a MATE topology, select CaridenMATE4_5_1init. If this is not your first time use, choose the MATE topology that you need to activate and/or start.
  4. For Junosphere 1.0, click Activate. and Start. For Junosphere 2.0, right-click the topology and click Start Topology.

    This initiates the process where Junosphere Lab configures the MATE virtual machine, which may take a few minutes. Status messages appear at the top for Junosphere 1 and on the Active Topology page for Junosphere 2.0.

  5. Once the MATE virtual machine has started, connect to the MATE virtual machine.
  6. Open the MATE virtual machine and work on a plan file as needed.