Monitoring CoS RED Drop Profiles

To display data point information for each CoS random early detection (RED) drop profile currently on a system, select Monitor > Class of Service > RED Drop Profiles in the J-Web interface or enter the following CLI command:

show class-of-service drop-profile

After you make changes to the configuration in this window, you must commit the changes immediately for them to take effect. To commit all changes to the active configuration, select Commit Options > Commit. See Using the Commit Options to Commit Configuration Changes (J-Web Procedure) for details about all commit options.

Table 56 summarizes key output fields for CoS RED drop profiles.

Table 56: Summary of Key CoS RED Drop Profile Output Fields



Additional Information

RED Drop Profile Name

Name of the RED drop profile.

A drop profile consists of pairs of values between 0 and 100, one for queue buffer fill level and one for drop probability, that determine the relationship between a buffer's fullness and the likelihood it will drop packets.

To display profile values, click the plus sign (+).



Type of a specific drop profile:

  • interpolated—The two coordinates (x and y) of the graph are interpolated to produce a smooth profile.
  • segmented—The two coordinates (x and y) of the graph are represented by line fragments to produce a segmented profile.

For information about types of drop profiles, see the Class of Service Feature Guide for Routing Devices.



Internal index of this drop profile.


Fill Level

Percentage fullness of a buffer queue. This value is the x coordinate of the RED drop profile graph.


Drop Probability

Drop probability of a packet corresponding to a specific queue buffer fill level. This value is the y coordinate of the RED drop profile graph.