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Configuring FPC-FEB Connectivity with Quick Configuration

You can connect a Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC) to any available Forwarding Engine Board (FEB). By default, each FPC is connected to the FEB of the same identifying number. For example, FPC 1 is assigned to FEB 1. Alternatively, use the edit chassis fpc-feb connectivity command to modify FPC-FEB connections.

To reassign connections between FPCs and FEBs, select a FEB number from the drop-down list next to each FPC.

To each FEB you can assign a maximum of the following FPCs:

You can also assign an FPC to none to specify that the FPC is not connected to any FEB. For example, you might choose to assign an FPC to none while you perform maintenance on the FEB to which it is connected.

Note: When an FPC is assigned to none, interfaces on that FPC are not created. Likewise, if the assigned FEB is offline, the physical interfaces on an FPC's Physical Interface Cards (PICs) are not created when the PIC comes online.

To apply the configuration, click Apply or OK. If you assigned an FPC to a different FEB, the FPC and FEB reboot when you apply the configuration. As a result of the FPC reboot, the interfaces are deleted.

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