Adding New Users

You can use the User Management page to add new users to a routing platform. For each account, you define a login name and password for the user and specify a login class for access privileges.

To configure users:

  1. In the J-Web interface, select Configure > System Properties > User Management.

    After you make changes to the configuration in this window, you must commit the changes immediately for them to take effect. To commit all changes to the active configuration, select Commit Options > Commit. See Using the Commit Options to Commit Configuration Changes (J-Web Procedure) for details about all commit options.

  2. Click Edit. The Edit User Management dialog box appears.
  3. Select the Users tab.
  4. In the Users section, click Add. The Add User dialog box appears.
  5. In the User name field, enter the name that identifies the user.
  6. In the User Id field, enter the user ID.
  7. In the Full name field, enter the user’s full name.
  8. In the Password and Confirm password fields, enter the login password for the user and verify your entry.
  9. In the Login class field, select the user’s access privilege.
  10. Click OK.