Rebooting or Halting the Device with the J-Web Interface

You can use the J-Web interface to schedule a reboot or halt the routing platform.

To reboot or halt the device with the J-Web interface:

  1. In the J-Web interface, select Maintain > Reboot.

    Note: After you make changes to the configuration in this window, you must commit the changes immediately for them to take effect. To commit all changes to the active configuration, select Commit Options > Commit. See Using the Commit Options to Commit Configuration Changes (J-Web Procedure) for details about all commit options.

  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Reboot Immediately—Reboots the device immediately.
    • Reboot in number of minutes—Reboots the device in the number of minutes from now that you specify.
    • Reboot when the system time is hour:minute—Reboots the device at the absolute time that you specify, on the current day. You must select a 2-digit hour in 24-hour format, and a 2-digit minute.
    • Halt Immediately—Stops the device software immediately. After the software has stopped, you can access the device through the console port only.
  3. Choose the boot device from the Reboot from media list:
    • compact-flash—Reboots from the internal CompactFlash card. This selection is the default choice.
    • disk—Reboots from Hard disk.
  4. (Optional) In the Message box, type a message to be displayed to any users on the device before the reboot occurs.
  5. Click Schedule. The J-Web interface requests confirmation to perform the reboot or halt.
  6. Click OK to confirm the operation.
    • If the reboot is scheduled to occur immediately, the device reboots. You cannot access the J-Web interface until the device has restarted and the boot sequence is complete. After the reboot is complete, refresh the browser window to display the J-Web interface login page.
    • If the reboot is scheduled to occur in the future, the Reboot page displays the time until reboot. You have the option to cancel the request by clicking Cancel Reboot on the J-Web interface Reboot page.
    • If the device is halted, all software processes stop and you can access the device through the console port only. Reboot the device by pressing any key on the keyboard.

      Note: If you cannot connect to the device through the console port, shut down the device by pressing and holding the power button on the front panel until the POWER LED turns off. After the device has shut down, you can power on the device by pressing the power button again. The POWER LED lights during startup and remains steadily green when the device is operating normally.