Querying for Information Using the URL Interface

You can directly query for information from Junos Scope, provided the query can be represented in the form of a URL. You can use a URL with request parameters as arguments to fetch real-time statistics.

To query for information, follow these steps:

  1. Start your Web browser.
  2. Enter the following Looking Glass URL, with request parameters as arguments, in your Web browser Address text box:

    https://hostname:port-number /jtk/ui/index/looking-glass/query% 3Fdarg%3D%26dargt%3D %26device%3D<ValidDeviceName> %26component%3DGeneral%26command%3D Device+Summary+Information%26refresh%3D012

    Where hostname is the name of the server on which the Junos Scope software is installed, port-number is the port on which the Junos Scope Web server listens for HTTPS requests, and <Valid DeviceName>is the name of the device being queried. The device being queried should have been added to Junos Scope.

    The Looking Glass window appears with the device summary information for the device.