Users—Authentication Policy—Global Authentication Policy—Edit/View Global Authentication Policy


Use the Edit/View Global Authentication Policy dialog box to configure and edit global authentication policies.

Click Settings > Users > Authentication Policy > Global Authentication Policy




Maximum Login Attempts text box—Indicates the maximum number of consecutive failure login attempts allowed within the access window for a user. If a user reaches the maximum number of login attempts, the user status automatically becomes locked. This field can have a value from 0 to 100. If the maximum login attempts is 0, the authentication policy for the user will not be active, the user account will be assumed to be unlocked, and the normal login mechanism will be applied. If a user account status is unlocked, the user can successfully log in to the Junos Scope software by providing a valid username and password. If the account status is locked, the user is denied access to the Junos Scope software, even if the user provides a valid username and password. The message “ The user account is currently locked. Please contact the system administrator,” is displayed.For the Junos Scope administrator (the initially configured user), the user account is always unlocked.

Access Window text boxes—The access window for a user account starts when the first login failure occurs for that account and runs until one of the following occurs:

Add button—Expands the dialog box so that you can allow or deny specific clients access to Junos Scope. The following items appear when you click Add:

Save button—Saves the global authentication policy changes to the database.

Reset button—Clears all the values you have entered and restores the last saved values.

Export button—Displays the File Download dialog box so that you can export global authentication policy data to a file on the local file system. The default global authentication policy filename is Junos Scope-globalPolicy.xml.

Import button—Displays the Import dialog box so that you can import global authentication policy data from a file on the local file system.