Users—Authentication Policy Dialog Box


Use the Users—Authentication Policy dialog box to view and edit the Junos Scope software user access policy, which applies to:

An authentication policy includes the following data:

A default authentication policy is automatically generated for all users. The Junos Scope administrator can edit a user authentication policy.

Click Settings > Users > Authentication Policy.




The Authentication Policy table displays the following information:

Username column—The name of the user successfully logged in to the Junos Scope software.

Status column—The user account status can be either LOCKED or UNLOCKED. If a user account is LOCKED, that user is denied access to the system even if a user provides a valid username and password. The user is denied access until the Junos Scope administrator changes the status to UNLOCKED.

Actions column—Displays an Edit link that you can use to edit the user account maximum login attempts and access window.

Export button—Displays the File Download dialog box to export the authentication policy data in XML file format to the computer file system. The default authentication policy export filename is Junos Scope-auth-policy.xml.

Import button—Imports user authentication policy data from the computer file system into the Junos Scope software. The Import Results dialog box appears.